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Wave curtains


A modern, functional and stylish system of wave curtains combined with a rich collection of fabrics allows you to match this decorations to any interior. When drawn back curtains are arranged in even waves, and after folding they take up little space. Waving of the fabric is created by the use of a special tape in the fabric and by the use of appropriate sliders in the rail. Wave curtains can be made of any type of fabrics - sheer, translucent and opaque.

  • A rich collection of fabrics available
  • Smooth running of the curtain, quick opening and closing the curtain
  • A pleating tape sewn on top of the curtain
  • The possibility of using any type of fabric
  • It is possible to request Roman blinds or pillows from the same fabric as curtains
  • Aesthetic pinning, waving the fabric at even intervals
  • The folded curtain takes up little space

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