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Pleated blinds - non-standard shapes

Pleated blinds, commonly known as pleats, are an extremely interesting solution as far as sun protection systems go. Their structure allows them to be mounted on all sorts of windows – roof windows, winter gardens or glass ceilings. A most versatile product, pleated blinds can be mounted in alcoves as well as untypically shaped spaces (trapezoidal, semicircular, triangular, polygonal etc).

  • Pleated blinds non-standard shapes are suitable for non-standard windows shapes /triangular, trapezium, slants, semicircle/
  • Reliable, self-locking control system allows to lock the pleated blind at any height
  • Great range of patterns and colours (including fabrics which filter sunlight or block the sun, and opaque or transparent fabrics) allows the pleated blind to match any interior design
  • Easy to clean
Technical specification
Systemmin. width [mm]max width [mm]max height [mm]max surface m2
Cosiflor VS, PL, F300200026005.20
Applicationwindows, shop windows, conservatories, recesses

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