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VS pleated blinds

VS system is handle operated and works completely without a cord. The fabric can be positioned freely in the window. The system is fitted with stylish tension feet or brackets at the top. The mounted handle on the operating rail allows to easily move the rail up and down. The rails are perfect for sun protection and privacy. The system is child safe as there are no lose cords. For high level blinds operating rods are available.

The VS system can get designed as a Day/Night blind with 2 different fabrics for UV protection and night time privacy and insulation.

Pleated blinds, commonly known as pleats, are an extremely interesting solution as far as sun protection systems go. Their structure allows them to be mounted on all sorts of windows – roof windows, winter gardens or glass ceilings. A most versatile product, pleated blinds can be mounted in alcoves as well as untypically shaped spaces (trapezoidal, semicircular, triangular, polygonal etc).

  • Ergonomic operating handle tab allows for smooth operation
  • Ensures efficient screening of a chosen part of a windowor recess thanks to operating of a headrail and bottom rail
  • Pleats are suitable for any type of window shape, including non‑standard shapes /triangular, trapezium, slants/
  • Child friendly blind operating options without cords. For the option with cords we offer child safe hardware
  • Possibility of applying interesting solutions, for example two blind fabrics in one system, two separate control options mounted in one window, duo-fabric – offering complete light blocking
  • Compact stacking of pulled up blinds results in little obstruction of the view
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide range of fabrics in 5 price classes to suit every taste and budget
  • Reliable, self-locking mechanism allows to lock the oleated blinds at any height
  • Possibility of operating the plisse at different heights with the use of a stick
Technical specification
Systemmin. width [mm]max width [mm]max height [mm]max surface m2
Cosiflor VS300150022003,30
Applicationwindows, skylights, shop windows, conservatories

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