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RVS roman blinds


The RVS Roman blinds are a unique solution that allow you to cover a selected part of the window. The construction of this type of blinds consists of two rails (top and bottom). The rails can be moved freely up and down, covering only a selected part of the glass from the top and bottom. Thanks to tightening strings, the blind can be stopped at any height. The biggest advantage of the RVS blind is the mounting inside the window casing, thanks to which there is no problem with opening and closing the window.

The Roman RVS blinds is available in the following systems:

RVS1 - mechanism with a fixed upper rail and the mobile lower rail

RVS2 - a mechanism with two movable rails

  • a unique solution in Roman curtain systems
  • Roman curtains in the RVS system are mounted mainly in the window casing, so they do not hinder the opening of the window
  • smooth guiding of the blind using a control handle
  • standard colours of accessories will allow you to match the product to the colours of the window or window details: white, bronze, anthracite, silver, brass
  • the possibility of setting the RVS curtain at any height,
  • a rich collection of fabric colours including light diffusing, darkening and transparent
  • the possibility of non-invasive assembly
  • the possibility of buying pillows and curtains of the same fabric as curtains

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