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Solar ZIP Screen


ZIP Screen blinds are simple and stylish solution for any residential or commercial buildings. They offer privacy and also protects against sun, wind, rain and insects. Solar ZIP Screens are powered by solar battery and operated with remote control. Solar panel with a light intensity sensor is integrated with the Zip screen cassette. They are designed for vertical joinery and can be fitted in windows and doors (terrace and balcony) made of PVC, aluminium or wood. The are made of durable, weather-resistant PVC coated fiberglass fabric and can be controlled using three modes:

  • automatic (self-activating rolling up and unrolling dependent on the level of insolation). In summer mode, the solar screen protects against excessive heat on a sunny day. In colder months, it is possible to manually switch the awning into the winter mode. In this mode, in sunny weather, the awning rolls up automatically to allow the flow of warm sun rays, passively heating up the room. At low insolation level (from afternoon to morning or in cloudy weather) the awning is automatically rolled down to protect the room from heat loss;
  • semi-automatic (self-activating unrolling, rolling up via a remote control);
  • operated via supplied remote control. The Solar awning blind is powered by a 15VDC battery pack which is built into the cassette and recharged by the solar panel.


Solar ZIP screens have similar properties and advantages as the other zip screen types. They are mounted outside the windows, therefore effectively protect the interiors of buildings against heating. Screen blinds effectively shade the interior, while ensuring outdoor visibility during the day. What’s more, the ZIP system for screen blinds is a great protection against strong wind gusts.

  • no power supply required
  • weather protection
  • effective protection against the interior heating
  • the view outside - the inflow of natural light
  • supports the work of air conditioners
  • protection against harmful UV radiation
  • protection against insects

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