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Pleated insect screens


The pleated insect screens serve as effective protection from insects as well as an impressive accessory. They are primarily used for terrace or balcony entrances.

The pleated insect screens constitute the most modern, functional and permanent system of protection against insects. They have great assembling possibilities; the applied technology enables covering big surfaces. The innovative system of net folding allows for quick, smooth and trouble-free use of mosquito net.

Modern design and wide range of colours are the reason why the mosquito screen is aesthetic and goes perfectly with the surrounding.

  • Effective protection against insects, insects and precipitation of trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Ideally suited to the outputs on the balcony or terrace
  • Elegant appearance and easy manipulation
  • Directions sliding mosquito nets: the center or to one side
  • Lightweight and stable carrying mosquito. Package retracted mosquito is hidden in the guide
  • Low-threshold design, including barrier cassing for the elderly and disabled
  • The structure is made of aluminum, weather resistant and high quality materials that guarantee durability
  • Screen has a handle for opening and retaining the magnets in the closed position
  • Easy disassembly of the mobile nets allows for quick taking out the package and securing it in the off season
  • Pleated Mosquito nets can be installed on site or door facade of the building. When installing the topcoat applied strips are adaptive
Technical specification
Systemmax width [mm]max height [mm]
Mosquito pleated - 1 wing19002600
Mosquito pleated - 2 wings38002600

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