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Integrated roller shutter

  • The roller shutter box and guide channels are face-fixed to the window or door frame before it is mounted into the rough opening in the wall
  • Profile adapters facilitate the connection between the roller shutter and PVC, wooden or aluminium windows
  • The system allows for the roller shutter and guide channels to be built-in from the outside, from the inside, from both sides, or thanks to a wide range of offered veneer they do not need to be built-in at all
  • Aesthetic inspection cover fitted with functional locking mechanism placed at the bottom of a roller shutter box
  • Additional supports ensure stability of large roller shutter boxes
  • Various insulation options allow the roller shutter box to be perfectly adjusted to the existing weather conditions
  • Possibility of fitting the roller shutter with an integrated roller mosquito nets
Technical specification
Systemmin. width [mm]max width [mm]max height [mm]max surface m2
AN 39500280030006,0
AN 45500310033006,5
Application:windows, shop windows, terrace windows, door frame-woodwork

Completion of building: installation or replacement of window or door frame-woodwork.

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