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Roller shutters Fakro ARZ


External roller shutter provides total comfort when using the attic space because it protects from overheating, enables complete shading of the room, reduces noise from the outside and ensures privacy by completely covering the window.

  • ARZ-H for centre pivot windows FT_ and with raised axis of rotation FYP proSky
  • ARZ-Wave and ARZ Solar for centre pivot windows FT, PT, top hung and pivot windows FP_, PPP preSelect, and with raised axis of rotation FYP proSky.
  • Effective reduction of heat entering the room
  • Reduction of heat loss during winter
  • Complete blackout
  • Increases the feeling of privacy
  • Protection from UV radiation
  • Good sound reduction, increased security
  • ARZ-H operated manually from the inside with a crank (supplied in package)
  • ARZ-E controlled by wall switch or remote control, powered by 24V DC
  • ARZ Solar roller shutter controlled by a remote control

Solar roller shutter is equipped with a control unit and accumulator. The accumulator is powered by a solar cell placed on the roller shutter. Recommended for places with no access to 230V supply.

When installing roller shutters on windows in any vertical combinations the minimum 20cm distance between them must be observed and 10cm between the windows installed side by side.

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